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AMW PCV Catch Cans are designed by automotive enthusiasts for those who expect a higher standard of performance from their vehicle and wish to help extend the life of their engine by decreasing oil contamination from the intake tract to the combustion chamber. Months of research and testing has provided AMW with a unique and functional kit that has worked flawlessly on many makes of vehicles, from turbo applications, imports, late model domestics, to early model muscle. The internal design of the AMW catch can is superior in function to other catch cans on the market. Oil vapors and other contaminates are first caught and condensed by a stainless mesh and then dropped to the bottom of the can where a series of under-cuts in the walls prevent the oil from climbing back to the top and exiting back into the intake tract.

Oil contamination derives from the positive crankcase ventilation valve common on most internal combustion engines where vacuum is pulled on the crankcase by the intake or in some cases the throttle body. This contamination occurs when oil vapors exit the crankcase via the PCV valve, enter the intake tract, and create adverse effects such as carbon build-up on valves, pistons, and plugs, as well as cause harmful detonation. Detonation in many cases causes the ECM/PCM to retard timing, thus creating a reduction in horsepower. Power adders such as turbos, blowers, or nitrous can benefit greatly due to the removal of oil contamination in the combustion process. Poor emissions could also be traced back to high levels of oil residue being burned in the combustion process. By removing this oil, a clean burning engine could help the environment as well as improving the performance of a vehicle.

AMWs PCV Catch Cans and mounting brackets are made from 6061 billet aluminum and machined cut on CNC machines producing a precise product with a professional appearance. Dimensions of the can are 2 1/2-inch in diameter by 5 3/4-inch tall, therefore making installations in tight spaces more convenient. Installation takes on average 15 to 20 minutes with minimal mechanical knowledge and common household tools. All hardware and accessories are included with purchase (i.e. mounting bracket, screws, billet aluminum fittings, hose clamps, and five feet of hose). For additional details, please review the PVC Catch Can Installation Instructions (Acrobat PDF, 80Kb).

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We are currently running a new order of catch cans to be released soon. Please check back soon for availability!


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